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  1. Matt,

    Just flicked thro' the site to see what you guys are up to. Looks like you're meeting up again. Where, when and who?


  2. Hi Lionheart

    no it's true, I am up and leaving all that scenery--but the good news is that I'll be in a place with just as beautiful scenery!

    photos to come...in fall though. :)

  3. Hello JD.

    Looking at your gallery - you're not up and leaving that beautiful scenery (wherever that is) are you?

    How about a swap!


  4. Hi there! thank you for the comment you left in my thread....you are welcome from 'the fringes' anytime hunny! :>) Jxxx

  5. Hi again - it's me the one desperate for escapism .....smart arse!

    DB x

  6. Hey, quite a crowd is gathering around here.



    does that even look smiley?? - I'm lost without my emoticons!


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