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  1. Where are you??!! xx

  2. tegan

    Where have you been!! Missed our gathering this year, speak soon x

  3. Gathering??? You up for it again? x

  4. Happy Christmas Mike xxx

  5. Happy Christmas my friend and a wonderful new year xxx

  6. Hope your ok sweetie, sending you a hug xxx

  7. Welcome back ;o)xx cant stop to chat gotta go to work XXX

  8. We miss you Chris xxx

  9. You are welcome my sweet, hope you had a good day..........xxx

  10. Thought it was about time I said hello again.....Hello ;o)x

  11. Chris....hello....where are you sweetie, we miss you xxx

  12. good morning :o)

  13. Sending you a huge hug Chris xxx

  14. tegan

    Dont know if you'll see this but happy birthday sweetie xxx

  15. Hugs to you my friend xxx

  16. Happy birthday Miss whiplash (((x))) and lots of hugs to you. Think these dark mornings/nights are crap, all I want to do is hibernate!! But like you I've gotta mortgage to pay :o(.....xxx

  17. Hiya sweetie, just sending you a hug and some magic sparkles xxx

  18. Hiya Chris, thanks for stopping by at my place :o)) I dont seem to have the time or energy to post much these days, but always pop in and have a mooch around. Take care my friend xx

  19. Thank you for your good wishes Bia xxx

  20. Hi sweetie xx I've had the Alice quote since *he* left, seemed appropriate. xx

  21. WOW a status bar....hiya everyone xx

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