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  1. Where are you??!! xx

  2. tegan

    Where have you been!! Missed our gathering this year, speak soon x

  3. Gathering??? You up for it again? x

  4. Thanks Tegan! :-)

    Remember the I.P. part, okay?...Have fun!

  5. Happy Christmas Mike xxx

  6. Happy Christmas my friend and a wonderful new year xxx

  7. I hope you had a great Halloween. The messenger said I could not message you(fullbox?)with a card! :-)

  8. Hi Tegan , Thanks For Stopping Over To Say Hi . I'm Doing Well Lately Thank-you.Still Trying To Catch-up On The Fishing I Missed This Spring And Early Summer , It's Been Very Good Fishing This Last Month .Soooo Fun! Hope All Well With You Tegan ,And Will Catch You On The Forum More This Fall I Hope . Take Good Care Friend. Hugs Chris.

  9. Hope your ok sweetie, sending you a hug xxx

  10. Welcome back ;o)xx cant stop to chat gotta go to work XXX

  11. We miss you Chris xxx

  12. A Long Time Since I Caught You On Threads Tegan , I Hope You Are OK !!! ? Hugs ,Chris .

  13. You are welcome my sweet, hope you had a good day..........xxx

  14. Thanks for posting me. With your help, my set is now complete (Admin, SuperMod, Mod, Civilian), which means I get to SUPERSIZE AT NO EXTRA COST the next time I visit a fast food franchise (if I can provide the necessary documentation) :unsure:.....

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