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  1. Hi DN ,

    I Hope You Had A Great Weekend Darkly. Looking Forward To Catching You On line One Of These Nights. Big Caddywhacker Hug.

  2. Hi Tegan , Thanks For Stopping Over To Say Hi . I'm Doing Well Lately Thank-you.Still Trying To Catch-up On The Fishing I Missed This Spring And Early Summer , It's Been Very Good Fishing This Last Month .Soooo Fun! Hope All Well With You Tegan ,And Will Catch You On The Forum More This Fall I Hope . Take Good Care Friend. Hugs Chris.

  3. Hello M-Girl,

    Thank-You For The Welcome Back Dear.

    Catch You On The Threads Soon!

  4. Hello Sweet Lady , I Hope To Talk To You Soon My Friend!

  5. Thanks ,It's Very Good To Be Back.

    So Good To Hear From You Janet !

    I Hope You Are Well .Take Care & Enjoy The Sun. Chris .

  6. Hello Again Kaja. Chris .

  7. A Long Time Since I Caught You On Threads Tegan , I Hope You Are OK !!! ? Hugs ,Chris .

  8. Hi Nat , I'm Still Missing You Friend !

    Big Hug Chris.

  9. Hi Nat, So Good To Hear From You Friend ,

    Sorry I Missed You Over Xmas And New Years!

    I Hope All Is Going Well For You.

    Have A Great 2010 !

    Stay Warm And Healthy Sweety . Big Hugs, Chris

  10. Hi Sweet Dn ,

    Just Dropping Off A Big Hug To You .

    Will Catch You Soon On Threads .Cads.

  11. Hi Darklyone , Still Resting And Trying To Feel Better And Feel Like Living Again.

    Hope To Be Back Soon To Pick On You Full Time .

    I Will Try Not To Make You Wait Tooo Long Friend!

    Big Hug, Cads.

  12. Hi Darklyone ,

    Oh I'm Still Here But Spending A Lot Of My Time In Bed This Week . (Again)

    I Really Hope To Catch You For A Talk This Weekend If You Log In.

    ( Take Good Care Of Your Parts Friend! )

    Hugs To You Dn ! Cads.

  13. Hi Dn. Hope Your Ok Birthday Girrrl Today.

    Re: but how quick is a drive by hug? o_0 ... not too quick I hope :D

    A: They Last As Long As You Hug Back !

    Here's Another One Try It Out. Hug. Cads.

  14. Hi Tegan , Good To Hear From You Friend ,

    Hope You Are Staying Health And Happy! I'm Hoping You Can Drop In More Often During The Winter Time ,That Would Be Great . Fingers Crossed ! Take Good Care Tegan.

    (Hugs) Chris.

  15. Hi Dn , Just Stopped In To See If Anything Was New At Your Place ,And To Give Ya A Driveby Hug!

  16. Hi Tegan , Hope You Are Doing Alright ,Maybe

    Run Into Y

  17. Hi Kaja ,

    I Hope You Are Ok ,Young Lady . Chris .

  18. Hi Nat ,I Hope YOU are Well Friend . Chris

  19. Alive And Kicking

  20. Hello Sweet Friend Dn ,Thanks For Looking In On Me ! Sorry Not Really A Sexy Break With a Cute Nurse .I WISH !!!They Have Been Poking Me With Sharp Things If That Counts ? Missed Bugging You A Lot So Hope To Catch You A Bit This Weekend For A While .Got Home Friday But Still Very Weak From A Couple Of Bad Weeks. Nice To See Leonard Cohen On Your Like List! Take Care Darklyon...

  21. Hi Sweet DN, Sorry I Did'nt

    Get Back To You .Spent Most Of The Past Week

    In The Good Old Hospital AGAIN.

    Home For The Moment ,Hope To Stay Better For More Than A Few Days Fingers Crossed . Will Try To Catch You This Weekend Friend!

    Hugs ,Chris.

  22. Hiya Fuchsia ,I Hope You Are OK . Chris.

  23. Hello Kaja,

    I Am Very Sorry To Read About Your Father My Friend !


    Please Take Care Of Yourself.

  24. Hi Tegan,

    Hope Your Are Fine Friend ,Chris .

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