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  1. Alan, are you alright? I hope you are not feeling unhappy about Kates clarification, as you may or may not be aware we try and avoid political discussion on the forum because it can get heated. However today was a bit different because it was Kate herself who brought the subject up. 

    Whatevers going on for you right now I want you to know we value your contribution to the forum, And look forward to seeing you return one day soon. 

  2. 22dates


    It looks really impressive BbB!
  3. Canasta I have forgotten the address of your website, could you message it to me please? Thanks Philip

    1. Canasta


      Hi Rocky, here it is: (Google never finds it)



  4. 22dates


    Well done iwona! It looks good in the frame don't you think?
  5. That's quite some statement, but it takes a lot of skill and concentration to get the eyes right and Iwona has indeed achieved it!
  6. 22dates


    Too funny Canasta! But we can carry on waiting can't we? Lol
  7. 22dates


    I don't think some people are though Canasta.
  8. 22dates

    Before The Dawn 3

    How did you do that iwona? V.good!
  9. 22dates


    Good response, probably not for long! Lol
  10. 22dates


    Well done Iwona, another great drawing, are you pleased with it?
  11. 22dates


    Hi BSF excellent drawing there. Why did you choose the key, is there any significance or was it merely a challenge? The shading is particularly good!
  12. 22dates


    It looks like my avatar! Well done Iwona, I love it!
  13. Hi RKM

    How are you? I hope you are well? DId you manage to crack on with your CV? 

    Are you as excited as the rest of us about the BTD CD/LP release? Will you be buying the CD set of Vinyl or both? 

    I am gonna buy both as I expect the vinyl box set will increase in price in years to come, so I am gonna buy it as soon as it is released, even though I don't have a record player at the moment! 

    Anyway, thought I would pass by and say hello! 

    Bye for now








  14. 22dates


    Beautiful Iwona does beautiful art and that's the truth of the matter! xxx
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