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  1. Bradleybox


    I must dip into this gallery of yours more often, Iwona! Another superb drawing of Kate. You are very talented.
  2. Bradleybox

    Tokyo II

    Another great drawing, Iwona! You are an expert with Kate!
  3. Bradleybox

    It's In Me

    This one is so sweet.... a young an delicate Kate, the dancer. Well done, Iwona.
  4. Bradleybox


    Spectacular, Iwona! Sorry I'm seeing some of these so late; I haven't checked out the Gallery for a while. This is such a fine image of Kate-- as usual, from your talented hands!
  5. Bradleybox

    At The London Planetarium.JPG

    Lovely! You know that face so well. Keep those drawings coming, we really love them, Iwona!
  6. Bradleybox

    Be Kind To My Mistakes

    Very nice, Iwona! Great rendering of Kate's eyes. I always enjoy your drawings, my talented friend. I hope you are well, and enjoying the summer days in Poland. :)
  7. Bradleybox


    Beautiful, Iwona! Kate inspires passion in us-- passion to create. Even if you are not doing this for a living, you are an Artist! "I have an artist friend in Poland...." would be a true statement!
  8. Bradleybox

    The Kick Inside Canada

    Nice interpretation, Iwona! I do love the photo series that this fine drawing is based on.
  9. Bradleybox

    Music Life

    Lovely young Kate! Another great drawing, Iwona!
  10. Bradleybox

    The Tour Of Life Interview

    Very good, Iwona. Keep them coming.... your talent is developing nicely!
  11. Bradleybox

    Kate - TMWTCIHE

  12. Bradleybox

    London Docks

    Ah, this is lovely, Iwona!
  13. Bradleybox

    10407534 10153078471880011 1890892858243946773 N

    Beautiful, Janet! Nice lines, she really pops out at you!
  14. Bradleybox


    Beautiful! Love the way you've drawn Kate's hair.
  15. Bradleybox

    13216 10153046148175011 4461212746880869191 N

    Yes, that's our Kate! Nice drawing, Janet!