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  1. HiBob, if you want to see my review, check out the "Do You Like this album", unfortunately at this moment, i have to say it's left me underwhelmed, hopefully some more listens may change this view.Loved the front row interview although it was quite short, good news she's got ideas for another album. Speak to you soon.

  2. Hi Bob, Iwona has posted an interview that i don't think we've seen before, although mostly it's old footage of previous interviews but the beginnin starts with Kate in 1998 which i reckon is new, unless you know otherwise. Let me know "new or not new" sounds like a game show.

  3. Hi Bob, having viewed the "Never forever" interview again, i realise that we have indeed seen this interview. When you saw the "i love you look" from the interviewer i remembered bits of it. Mind you all the interviewers usually are in love with Kate .

  4. always search for light - it is here, always ;-))

    n xxxx

  5. I'm laughing here Bob - that surely is one grumpy Welly.

    He's a beauty ain't he?

    Take care

    DB xx

  6. naaa, sweet Bob - i like that new pic' ;-)))... but hey, beauty is inside, in the heart... and guess what - you're handsome inside!

    *big nordic hugs*

    nat xxxx

  7. Hi Nat, Just put a new pic on my profile - me looking fat and bald and Welly looking bad tempered. What a combination - hope it doesn't break your pC. Lots of love,



  8. Hi Sam,

    I've just put a new pic on my profile - I think I've gained another stone and lost more hair since the last one!



  9. Hi DB, Thanks for yours about Sammy. I've now updated my pic to the latest one of me and Welly looking bad tempered - him not me!



  10. Hi Bob,

    I only just found your comment in my gallery for Sam - thank you (hug) and I too are sorry for your lovely Sam xxx


  11. fabulous to read you again, sweet Bob!!!

    n xxxx

  12. hey, sweet Bob ;-)))

    you okay? haven't read you in moons ;-(

    take care, dear friend!!!

    n xxx

  13. thanks for becoming a friend, dear Bob ;-))

    nat xxx

  14. hi Bob ;-))

    like your smile and poetry.

    nat xx

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