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  1. blackspitfire


    Don't know about a DVD, but if you want a full figure of Kate instead of a portrait, just unplug the forum for long enough.
  2. blackspitfire


    Thanks very much, rocky! We are all looking for a key to something, aren't we? ha-ha! Well, joking apart, I think metal objects are more interesting/challenging because of the reflections. I mean, when you are going to draw something as commonplace and mundane as everyday objects are, it can at least have an intersting texture.
  3. It vaguely reminded me of something from the start because it is much more angular than Iwon'a usual style, and Canasta is right, that was it. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/d4/88/e1/d488e178abdcf68f841e637309028151.jpg
  4. This is absolutely wonderful, SO much like Kate! Well done, Iwona!
  5. blackspitfire


    Thank you very much, Flowers.
  6. blackspitfire

    Nancy XIV

    Just updating the library.
  7. A happy-looking Kate - but something's on her mind. Congratulations, Iwona!
  8. blackspitfire

    The Ninth Wave

    Truly Kate! Enough said - I'm envious!! :-))
  9. blackspitfire

    I'm Still Waiting

    I'm Still Waiting - It fits, but I thought you might say Boxed! I like the face, particularly the eyes again. Well-done! And your record of drawing Kate umpteen times will stand forever!
  10. blackspitfire


    I have the exact same thing, there's tons of them around and are going quite cheap. What is not cheap is the picture sleeve editions of other European markets and of course the UK one, if you can ever find one.
  11. blackspitfire

    Warm And Soothing

    Beautiful, Iwona! Looking at it is Soothing...
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