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    Manchester .U.K.
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    Music . I have a very large taste when it comes to Music from Prog , Rock , Folk , and even been known to like new stuff .Still going to concerts while my legs can still stand me up and I have mentioned it now and again I`ve kissed Kate . and I like Cats , and Football , yep I`ve kissed Kate .

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  1. Kite

    Yes , I do seem to be very cynical these day`s .I do still have a bit of faith in human nature but it`s so hard to find these times .

    Have you still have the nerve to talk to a stranger i the street without thinking , doe`s he/she think that I`m out to decieve mug . rape , murder them !

    It might be just me .

    Sad times indeed .

    What are thoughts on society new 1 ?

  2. new1

    Does that mean you are cynical now and have less faith in Human Nature?

  3. Kite

    My spiirtual beliefs ?.

    In my younger day`s I was a bit of a hippy and I did have a attitude that we should all get along and have no bad feelings towards anyones beliefs , colour or politics and the best way is to smile and treat people with respect.

    Something that is lost today .

  4. new1

    PWEI Cool!

    How would you describe your spiritual beliefs?

  5. Kite

    A play guitar very badly

    I`m more of a listener than a player .

    Love gigs

    Saw Pop Will Eat Itself last night ..

  6. new1

    I enjoy prog rock, but my material is more rock ballard. Do you play yourself?

  7. Kite


    Are you a prog rocker ?

  8. new1

    Greetings! Much to share I think..

  9. Kite

    Hello fellow Hillage fan !

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