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  1. Your comparison of Kate Bush to Lady Gaga as one of mutual respect for both, can only be taken in the somewhat visual sence...and if so it begs the question: Why follow product people that are promoted as being " something " because they have only succeeded in getting your attention by whatever nonmusical gimmicks they come up with? Kate Bush was and is still true to the radical artistic quest of finding new MUSICAL expressions ....to create new emotions, and remind us to think about what it means to be alive, and to LIVE. Madonna tested the waters way back, when she based her whole act on visuals, hype, and quite bland singing. It has been mostly downhill ever since as far as the above ground popular music scene. Even in the 80's there was a growing decrease in the number of quality artists male & female....as MTV hype began to really confuse people about what music can acheive. I am a guy, but even I am insulted by Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Kate Hudson, Rihanna etc and fake guy artists too who seem to think if they just get their makeup right, and videos happening, and wall of sound reverb going ....we should support them? Dig alittle deeper, and you will find some amazing new music, such as Donald Fagen's " Morph the Cat ". Lets not support people basically ripping us off, and dulling our sences. Music is one of the most powerful arts, and Time is irrelevant to It. Just my opinion, but I do not even let Kate Bush off the hook, cause as an artist all creations are attempts. Ariel definitly had one CD'worth of NEW music on it, that was up to her standards she set (The Dreaming, Hounds of Love, Red Shoes, and also some cuts from each disc were too weak to be included. Compositionally, and creatively performance-wise, she is at least up there with the Beatles in making REAL musical statements. Kate Bush is the Chaka Khan of her genre....how about sticking to her musical message. Kvibe
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