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  1. Feliz Anivérsario "Chuvoso"!!! ;-)

  2. oh thank you Iwona!

    have a wonderful Easter too!

    with lots of chocolate eggs! (well, at least that's the way we do here :D )

    see ya

  3. Thank You so much for sharing your song with me! I love it! :D

  4. I can't wait for the "Box Set" of your recordings!


  5. Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing Your Songs! Wow em on the Mic and may your fingers be as swift on the guitar as Orianthi! ;-)

  6. hey welcome to the forum :)

  7. cute new avatar :D

  8. Pandora o/

    we would be so beautiful with blue skin,

    even though it doesnt match with our eyes :/

  9. Re, i want to live in Pandora. :'D

    we're living tomorrow. don't be late. :)

  10. ownnt!! i miss you too ^^

  11. heeeeeeey

    welcome back!

    i miss you

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