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  2. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you Iwoninha! (:

  3. I know!!


    I grew up this last months ;p

  4. thanks lady!! haha

    I hope you like the photos I've sent to you (:

  5. haha

    piano and samba?!! xD

  6. Re, i want to live in Pandora. :'D

    we're living tomorrow. don't be late. :)

  7. ownnt!! i miss you too ^^

  8. we have snow only in the south of the country, but the temperatures on the winter, where i live, gets to 8'C and sometimes 5'C. :D

  9. hope you have a merry xmas DN ^^

  10. hey Coops,

    hope you have a great xmas ^^

  11. have a great xmas =)

  12. hope you have a merry xmas ^^

  13. heey!!

    have a merry xmas Lissa :D

  14. thanks Iwoninha ^_^

    hope you have fun too!

  15. i hope you are feeling better today! ^-^

  16. Rebeca!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  17. ;P yeah you know!

  18. what a bold missy!

    I like your funny and sometimes not so appropriate comments! ^^

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