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  1. Janet

    I'm well and I've been thinking of you...hope you're feeling okay...look after yourself hun...

  2. I'm sitting here "safe" at home in Brisbane tonight but two weeks ago I had to cancel a trip to the UK due to a number of problems...at the time I really wanted to go and was disappointed I had to postpone the trip... but on the other hand I wasn't, as I realised I would skip being in London on July 7...I was there two years ago on my way out of the UK when the bombs went off...I went through the very stations that were bombed only hours afterwards, as did lots of other people... As I flew half way across the world, I was oblivious to what I had left behind...when I arrived home, people treated me like I had risen from the dead, even though I had not been involved in the actual bombing...so, when I turned on the TV on Friday 29 June and saw the the news about London I knew my trip had been cancelled for a reason...I won't go on about this, but it's been a wake up call about trusting my intuition...
  3. It's been a few weeks since I listened to Kate's music because recently my son's music has overtaken the house...Good Charlotte, Fergie, Maroon 5 (wrong spelling maybe) Silverchair...not that I mind... he has a developing love for all kinds of music and to be honest, the music these players produce is okay...he listens to Fred's 70's collection in the car and can sing along happily to Bob Dylan...this has been an exercise tolerating diversity for me as I'm not a Dylan fan at all, but if my son can sing along to Desolation Row and enjoy the gituar riffs...In my car he is gets exposed to some Kate, but also Abba, numerous disco tunes, 50s/60s swing/jazz/blues and a lot of classical stuff...he is a very well fed boy musically speaking :lol:
  4. Thanks Venus...I appreciate your kind words and thoughts...hope everything is going well with you and your family



  5. isobel

    100 Posts..

    :) I've just reached 100 posts on this forum and it feels like I've been running up the hill forever. I'm not the most accomplished virtual communicator, but it's a comfort that I can reach even this stage. This forum is like a huge, rambling house for me with lots of rooms that are sometimes quiet and sometimes very noisy and busy. The odd room is sometimes "locked", either literally or by inference. It can be a daunting structure to find one's way through, but with some patience, determination and a lot of love for Kate, one can reach a stage where one can cope with a full house. More soon :) x Isobel
  6. isobel

    Testing, testing

    :) Hi everyone This is "pilot" blog entry to see if it actually works. Being a newbie/novice type blogger, I thought I might test the waters first. I have about 50 minutes a day to reply to posts on this and other forums, including personal and work emails :o so until I can work out a system where I maximize my virtual efficiency, this blog will be rather bereft of content.
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