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  1. Amen to the new avatar pic!

  2. Great pic for the avatar!

  3. "Don't give up!!!" You would have to mention something with Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel! :-( ;-)

  4. Thanks for your kind words

  5. Hi, glad things are fine with you.


  6. Yes, men are not encouraged to be "moderate" at all.
  7. Hi!, thanks for taking me on as a friend. I just bought "Mama Mia" the movie the other night! :-)

  8. I'm glad you are feeling better. Have a great day, please, please :-)

  9. Slainte Maith!( Good Health)

  10. Hi Ya! I noticed your Birthday is coming up on the eigth, you going to celebrate then or wait for the weekend?

  11. Thanks Jayne! I really thought it was a great piece, very thought provoking I did identify with a number of passages but I'd rather not say which
  12. You certainly have started alot of interesting topics. I'll have to come back and read them. Oiche Mhaith (Good Night)

  13. Thanks Tegan! :-)

  14. Happy belated Birthday!

  15. Firagusmna

    My Amazing Dad

    So how is your dad doing now? BTW, luv Angel of the morning with Juice Newton singing it :)
  16. Happy Birthday!

    Keep the Caddy humming, some good hard running....

  17. :0) x I hope things are looking up 4 u

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