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    I believe you spoke to a guy once, here, DN. He had a 'Ghostly in the Smoke' piccie in his profile - which you joked about being a 'Black & White Minstrel.' The shmuck was pining over a 'Never Be Mine' friendship, and you consoled him. He moved on, and so have you, since then. Well, to some extent, anyways, I guess. But ain't it funny how life doesn't really change that much - no matter how hard we try to change IT. I have wrestled with 'Closure' - and the door just won't stay shut. Closure seems too negative and final. I have started to work with 'Acceptance' - and that seems better for me. It's more positive and on-going. There is nothing beyond Closure, and I hate that - but there is a path which stretches out beyond 'Acceptance.' I am treading that. Going forward - AT LAST.
  2. Thinking ov u, Janet. C'est trés froid, ici - tres froid....et tres solitaire, aussi. XXX

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