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  1. You're a good man, Mr. Fog *sobs* *bursts into tears*

  2. *rolls eyes* sheesh! now that's not practical at all, is it? :|

  3. no...i'm not allowed to take candy from strangers,it's bad and mom said... are those sour-cherry filled?!? GIMME!!!

  4. *sighs* you are incorrigible, Sir.

  5. Very funny <_< Making fun of an in-distress girl os oh-so your style, Sir! :P

  6. *sighs* why do i sometimes get the sudden urge to scream some things at the top of my voice?

  7. RIPP-OFF, ofcourse! what did you think? :P

  8. O_O PDA! shameless! and yeah, 1971. I googled that too :P

  9. No-no! i googled it, i did! i assure you, it's genuine surfer talk! *unsure*

  10. Well then. Ugh.. happy birthday to the.. scar, and may it not have any brothers or sisters.. :)

  11. Careful, Mr. Vagant! don't get too used to it! :P (yeah.. it's the cranky little girl in me talking :D )

  12. Fine! you win. i'm going. but if i suffer braindamage, YOU'll be the one to blame! mwahahaha! :P

  13. Not good to ignore the play, you know.. you'll soon turn into a cranky, bitter little girl, just like me :P :))

  14. Running on a pirate Windows, but yeah, it's ok ;)) And you? doing fine? hope so.Thanks for the add :)

  15. Due to certain recent events? again: look who's talking about STALK-obsession! :P

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