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  1. I'll try my best, but can't promise anything :*

  2. Hmmm... no, not really >:D<

  3. See? Proof! i keep telling you that you're the smart one, but you NEVER believe me! >:D<

  4. that was better than i expected >:D< LYMGLB,MSD

  5. just to make your life difficult, i guess... :unsure: :repentant:

  6. "nearly" ? *pout* *puppy eyes*

  7. 15?! is THAT my worth these days?! *snooty*

  8. Whoa, i can post comments again! :D how did this happen?

  9. You're MISSING it again! :(

  10. How about today? Today would be good. Definitely. Definitely good. x_x

  11. That, Sir, is a masterpiece of Modern Art! i bow to your genious! >:D<

  12. you just couldn't help yourself, couldn't you? *sigh* *whimper* *sob*

  13. *sigh* nope. still.. BMGB, Y?

  14. *PDA* *LYMSLB* *MABSFM!*

    *FWA*? *unsure* *blush* :P

  15. I love my Teddy too.. no, you can't have him.. :P *runs away and hides*

  16. O_O that's sodding brilliant!


  17. *blush* how was I supposed to know?! :P

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