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  1. *monkey high five* *hyper*

  2. "Peter, I need you to hold my ears... "Errruuuuglahhhhh! " *happydance*

  3. Haddog! *picks booger* *shows*

  4. *puppy eyes* Forgive, Master? *slobbers all over*

  5. *gives creepy-mouth* *evil laugh*

  6. *scratches head* Kate who?

  7. It's what I do best *hyper-nod*

  8. Awww... *puts clothes back on* :(

  9. OI, stop spamming my page! >.<

    i want hoe too :(

  10. He'd do just about anything for pie... *sighs*

    (welcome back *waves*)

  11. Hope you had a good B-Day, Sir! *food'n'drink*

  12. *takes hubby's hand* *kisses*

  13. KATE's the BEST piemaker in the world! We all know it. Actually, I might just write a poem, later, praising her piemaking skills! Or draw her a sketch! Or have a tatoo of her pie burned into my flesh! *maniclaughter*

  14. OI, keep Sausages OUT of it! He's so tiny... Poor little tiny thing... Wouldn't want to MISPLACE him or anything... SSSHHHH... Someone's in the house!!!

  15. BRABURH? OOOH, I like the sound of that! YES! I BET KATE also WOULD LIKE IT!!!11!

  16. what kind, though? *unsure* RHUBARB!!!!

  17. "KEITH AND I ALSO OFTEN USED TO HAVE PIE... isn't that right, Keith? " "-Chhhhhk"

  18. I WANT ALSO TOO PIE!!!~!, Pleaseeeses? *drools all over self*

  19. There, there, little one... *pats head* , *hugs*

  20. Hello Mr. C. :) Quick question: How to get rid of raccoon in attic? *confused* He's behind on his rent... :P


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