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  1. So that's what you've been doing in the basement! >:P

  2. I feel like going all Mason on you... Where's that drill...? *whacko*

  3. *blush* I promise I won't wake you up... :P

  4. Whereiseverybodyandwhyisthisplaceso...feh? Dare you have a life, Sir? :P

  5. Hhhhhhaaaaarrraaaaagggggghhhhhhh!!!

    It's so warm *cry*

  6. Happy Scrappy Wonder Pup!!! *happydance*

  7. Oh, Man! That stuff gives me the bad juju dreams!

  8. Mother F&*$%#^ F*^&$%# F&*%!

  9. We wouldn't want to discriminate...

  10. Better than going "Number 2" on it, I guess... *scratches head*

  11. I feel like going all "Lewis Black" on the world x_X

  12. I have to entertain myself somehow while you're gone now, don't I? O_o

  13. Oi, 'ands off me 'usband's bum! :P

  14. With... Maple Syrup? *drools*

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