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  1. It's useless. It's ruined. And it's not coming back. Let's go.

  2. Honey?

    I don't like it here... :(

  3. *attaches kitty to ceiling fan*

  4. no, kitteh, it's my Pie! that's a bad kitteh!!!!

  5. Ha! *happyancewhilechewingpie*

  6. Happy belated B-day *hugs* Hope it was a good one :D

  7. Fancy seeing you around *waves* We're almost drunk and he won't let me pleasure him... where's me whip! Sit still now, boy!

  8. He's really handsome, though *scratchhead*

  9. Blobfish will eat your brains!!! *run* *panic*

  10. The Blobfish is coming for us! *panic*

  11. It's soooooo quiet....... *hides*

  12. Why do we keep coming back here?

  13. HKLEEZ!!! *happydance* WOKA? :D

  14. WENZAY! *unsure* UKNDOIT! *wub*

  15. Oh, you're just saying... *sigh*

  16. Cream Cheese Croissant!!! *happydance*

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