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  1. Ok, I'll sign out. *hearsfaintcheering*

  2. It's useless. It's ruined. And it's not coming back. Let's go.

  3. That's EXACTLY what ceiling fan kitty said.....

  4. Honey?

    I don't like it here... :(

  5. *attaches kitty to ceiling fan*

  6. no, kitteh, it's my Pie! that's a bad kitteh!!!!

  7. Ha! *happyancewhilechewingpie*

  8. *reluctantly gives up eating drool-covered pie*

  9. Hi hunny, Had a great birthday thanks chick! Hope you two are well. such a shame this place has gone to sh**, am still missing the old gang banter. xxx

  10. The last toilet seat has gone down..... :(

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