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  1. That's all folks...

    1. Crags


      That is one scary f***ing photo! LOL :-)

  2. you and MG on facebook? Xx

  3. Perhaps someday you will find cheese again...

  4. Maybe we can spar again somewhere. It was always fun...

  5. Sorry it happened on your watch, Mr. H. You deserved better...

  6. You will be missed. Best part of the bloody forum for us you were...

  7. Ok, I'll sign out. *hearsfaintcheering*

  8. It's useless. It's ruined. And it's not coming back. Let's go.

  9. That's EXACTLY what ceiling fan kitty said.....

  10. Honey?

    I don't like it here... :(

  11. *attaches kitty to ceiling fan*

  12. no, kitteh, it's my Pie! that's a bad kitteh!!!!

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