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    Sandwick, Shetland, UK
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    Apart from our Kate Bush World, that wonderful cosmos of emotions, I love Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Paula Cole - Soft Rock & Pop (EXCEPT FOR Cher and Madonna...) Anggun... Lissa Kathe, the way she touches my heart with her voice and fingers... Also, World and Classical music... a bit of Jazz and Blues... Watching the big sky (at any time), listening to the sea... Marvelling at our natural world (from the tiniest wild flower to the auroras!), day-dreaming [am a huge fan of Dreamtime]... Meeting people... Sharing my thoughts with similar minds... Reading.... Poetry & story writing ... Land- and seascape painting; photography... Listening to the wind... Taking earth rides, YAY!!!
  1. Hi Nat , I'm Still Missing You Friend !

    Big Hug Chris.

  2. Oops, don't check my profile comments too often... :P a happy new year to you too! :)

  3. Hi Nat, So Good To Hear From You Friend ,

    Sorry I Missed You Over Xmas And New Years!

    I Hope All Is Going Well For You.

    Have A Great 2010 !

    Stay Warm And Healthy Sweety . Big Hugs, Chris

  4. Oh hi there!! Happy new year to you too! How are things going in Shetland? Any snow on the ground? ;) We have lots, much more than in decades. It's been really cold as well.

  5. Happy new Year, swet Anders :)) XX

  6. oh, oh... can't change my photo... i think it's jinxed... LOL!

  7. Yay!!! :))) I love you! xoxo

  8. All sorted! :P .. you cannot escape now my pretty!

  9. Wooohhhooooo! see, i here too :)))

    but not on your hall of fame/shame...., oh, myyythat must mean i'm walking straight theough the middle of it, lol!!! XXX

  10. if ionly facebooking only, sweet Tom... :)

    besides, I've never left :)) XX

  11. Good heavens! didn't expect to see you here! lol! hiya babe xx

  12. Happy New Year to you and Dave, Nat. :o) You've not been on here for ages; must be all that Facebooking you're doing! :op

  13. Happy New Year, Foxy :)) Hope you've had a good Yule, my friend :)) XX

  14. under ice, like many of us ;) Happy New Year, friends!

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