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  1. Hello Again Kaja. Chris .

  2. Hi Kaja ,

    I Hope You Are Ok ,Young Lady . Chris .

  3. Planet Grrl - Thank you very much.

  4. Thank you Chris and DarklyNoon .

  5. Kaja honey, I saw your message on Cads page, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Soothing thoughts and love to you sweety.


  6. Hello Kaja,

    I Am Very Sorry To Read About Your Father My Friend !


    Please Take Care Of Yourself.

  7. Hi, :) Thank you are nice, but true is sad. It´s my worst period of life now. :( My dad died and my life is somewhere, where I don´t want to be.

    Have a nice day, and thank you :)

  8. HELLO Kaja.

    I Hope You Are Well And Happy !

    Chris, (HUGS)

  9. Happy belated Birthday!

  10. Thank you very much :) for Birthday gratulation :) I´m glad. :) Thanks

  11. Happy Birthday Kaja. Have A Great Day Freind ! I Hope You Are Well . Chris.xoxo (Hugs)

  12. Hello Kaja.

    Just Stopped In To Say Hi To You and I Hope You Are Ok!

    Talk To You Later Friend .(Hugs) Chris.

  13. Hello Kaja ,

    I Hope You Are Getting Heating Gas Were You Are. Hope You Are Warm And Safe !

    Chris (Hugs)

  14. Hello Kaja,

    I Hope You Are Keeping Warm Over There !

    Chris .

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