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  1. Is this a comment? And why does it look like facebook now? lol

    1. Mike H

      Mike H

      Oo what does this do

  2. Same to you, thanks! :D

  3. Meh, whaddya gonna do? LOL

  4. Ah! No that was yours. "Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted" - found out what that was and fixed it. :D

  5. Not as far as I know :unsure_again:

  6. Hello! :) :waves_back:

    Re fatal error: I have no idea what that means

  7. I wish! More like can't get onto the Internet half the time *seething_emoticon*

  8. Do we know each other? :blink:

  9. So you've got lots of firewood now? LOL

  10. Have you got a chainsaw?

  11. Strewth, never a dull moment at you place is it? Tho would've thought fire brigade would come for the first one *unsure*

  12. Ahh!!! It's one of those "cultural barrier" incompatibility things. That'll do it.

  13. That's a surprise

    Like bacon was it? No they don't like that as a general rule

  14. No it does not bode well.

    Haven't seen Mr. T blow up meself but not at all impossible.

  15. Yep meet the family, daddy tube, mommy tube and little baby tube. :D

    Just off the left is Mr. T from next door. Mommy tube is having an intimate affair with Mr. T but daddy tube doesn't know about it yet. LOL

  16. Nuffink to do wiv me mate

  17. I expect so....

  18. Worryingly, yes

  19. That's what I was afraid of....

    Can't believe I've resorted to writing on my own profile *blink*

  20. "Can we please start blustering at one another over various and sundry inanitiesagain? *flutters eyelashes*"

    Wish you would! The moping thread is sadly missing your particular flavour of input at the mo. Dunno why everyone's come over all shy all of a sudden *unsure*

  21. "it's nice on your page xxx" sort of homey you mean?

    Gwarn, you all needs to get out on the forum and assert yerselves, start topics no-one else understands, that should do it

    "So, anyone doing anything interesting at the weekend?" maybe, maybe not, anything could happen. Or bugger all, depends :D

  22. Is that right you want me to chastise Janet? Have you considered the full range of possible consequences arising from such rashness? Too awful to contemplate *unsure*

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