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    Living In The Past
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    East Anglia (darn Sarf then left a bit)
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    Really must write something here soon...

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  1. Is this a comment? And why does it look like facebook now? lol

    1. Mike H

      Mike H

      Oo what does this do

  2. Yeah, where the hell are you?

  3. Where are you??!! xx

  4. Gathering??? You up for it again? x

  5. Same to you, thanks! :D

  6. Happy Christmas Mike xxx

  7. Meh, whaddya gonna do? LOL

  8. Sorry it happened on your watch, Mr. H. You deserved better...

  9. Ah! No that was yours. "Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted" - found out what that was and fixed it. :D

  10. A fatal error I meant.....

  11. Not as far as I know :unsure_again:

  12. Marrying into the Borgia family? :unsure:

  13. Hello! :) :waves_back:

    Re fatal error: I have no idea what that means

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