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  1. THANK YOU, sweet Syl!!! :))))

    [sounds like RB, lolll! :)))))

    YOU ok too?

    how's the pampering going? well, i hope!

    take great care of yourself :)))

    hugzzzz xoxoxoxo

  2. Hugs back sweet Nat !!!

    Just returned from a party in Germany (from work). So need to relax the weekend :)

    Love,Sylvia xxx

  3. big nordic hugs, sweet Syl :)))


  4. It's the first time actually that I read a blog here on the forum..... for DN :long_arm_hug: Syl x
  5. Thanks DN :-)

    Syl x

  6. Welcome back hunny.

    Hope things are getting better for you .. hugs!

    DN xxx

  7. Syl

    Hoi Serge,

    Welcome.... I see you live nearby...I live just 6 km from Nijmegen



  8. 6thank you, sweet Syl ;-)))

    *big nordic hugs*

    n xxxx

  9. Happy Birthday Nat.

    Syl x

  10. sammi

    Hey Sylvia, Happy Birthday for yesterday,

    hope your ok,

    love sammi xx

  11. Take care sweetie xxx

  12. although it's not the best of times, i still want to wish you a peaceful, happy birthday, sweet Syl ;-)

    *big nordic hugs*

    n xxxx

  13. Syl

    Hi Sammi,

    Glad you are able again to log in....loads of Kate fun here :-)

    Love, Syl x

  14. Hi Syl! I mean what have you been doing today. :)

  15. Hi Lionheart....what do you mean ??


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