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  1. OUCH! ..........mmmmmmm :D

  2. how did you do that?... jut too many girls on the subway huh?


  3. It's all good hon, how about you?

  4. Jeeze! you'd think God would keep a tighter reign on those f***ers! ...could've been worse though, might've been a zombie. Is your friend recovered?

  5. loves each and every one of you.

  6. My buddy, Keith, lived in a graveyard once for a whole year. It wasn't a dare or nothing he just got kicked out of his house.

    He said he never saw a single ghost except this one time when a ghost stabbed him from behind and took all his money and he might have just been a homeless guy 'cause he had a robe on with two eyes cut out of his face.

  7. What else did you have in mind?

  8. What?

    Don't f*** with me, Helen.

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