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    All stuff web related( yes I am that sad! ) If you want to ICQ or MSN me send me a PM first as I get 100+requests a day!
  1. LOL Mike!!!!

    Have a good Christmas hun XXXX

  2. You could do with a personal photo D. How about a nice sexy pic of a server mainframe? Mmm...

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH GREAT ONE

  4. Hi Delius,

    Thanks for getting us up and running (mostly) so quickly - I was running out of house chores!

    DN xx

  5. Lord!!! didn't even catch your thread about being ill. I'm so sorry iain but am glad to hear that you're better now. Take care. janetxxx

  6. miss you, sweet ;-)))

    n xxxx

  7. HAPPY Birthday, sweet Delius


    with love,

    nat xxxx

  8. Oops sorry - was just testing, I thought I'd tried to leave one here before & it wouldn't - guess not.

    um, hello - you visited me - did you want summit? ;-)

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