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  1. Hey C,

    Thank you for bringing me to a place on the internet that has nothing to do with the drudgery of work :) *hug*

    Last few weeks before summer break are so very busy - but we had a wonderful summer storm pass through today. I hope you are well, Chris enjoying the outdoors.


  2. Hiya Fuchsia ,I Hope You Are OK . Chris.

  3. Hi Fuchsia,Thanks For The Birthday Wish Dear ! I Hope That Some Of What Is Keeping You Busy Is At Least A Bit Of Fun! Take Good Care Friend .(Big Hugs) Chris . xxx

  4. Thank you so much Chris *big hug*. It is a great day for the States. The job will be difficult, yes, but Pres. Obama believes in unity and not division...that is a wonderful thing. Enjoy the telecast - It was wonderful and inspiring!! Take good care!



  5. Hello Fuchsia,

    Have A Great Day Friend ! It's Time The USA, Had Some Thing Good Happen!

    I'am Stuck To The TV Today And I Hardly Ever Turn It On ! Have A Great Day! Chris .(Hugs)

  6. Hi Fuchsia, Ah

    Good Holidays Are The Best!(Smile) Just Can't Seem To Catch You Live On The Forum Lately. I Will Get Out To The Ice ASAP,There Are a Few Fish Out There With My Name On Them ! Take Care Sweetie .Chris .(Big Hug)

  7. Just stopping by to say hello and I do hope you feel better, Chris - and that you will be going ice-fishing asap :)

    *big hugs*


  8. Hi Kaja :)

    Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas to you. Sorry for the late reply; we just came back from two weeks holiday. Take Care :)


  9. Hey DN, Happy New Year and a belated Happy Christmas. We just came back yesterday from two weeks holiday in the deep and snowy woods of Maine - beautiful, eerie (Murder Ballads music was perfect!) but happy to be home in crazy/crowded Los Angeles! Hope your doing well, hon. Your looking great! xxxfuchsia

  10. Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas, Chris. I hope you are staying warm up there. Sorry for the delayed response - we just came back from holiday in Maine. A beautiful time, but its good to be home.


  11. Happy Christmas i wish you too and Happy new year 2009 :) Kaja

  12. Happy Christmas Darlin' have a wonderful time.... and here's to plenty of Nick in 2009!! lol!

    DN xx

  13. Hi Fuchsia .

    Merry Xmas To You and Yours And A Happy 2009 ! (Hugs) Chris .

  14. hiya, sweet Stacey :))))))


  15. Hi DN!

    Have been a political animal lately - all net time has been spent on election/politics. Now that my man Obama won, hoping to get back to shooting the breeze and lusting after Nick Cave proper. Hope all is well with you and I must agree with everyone - LOVE that picture - beautiful! Take Care :)


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