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  1. Cheers coops! Very much so.

  2. Thanks Sarah and PG! :) I haven't ever been there so you've both got me beaten! :lol: Just occured to me that moving to a place I've never actually visited is a bit mad... Aw well. That's how I roll.
  3. Hahaha, Worthing is where Sam's job is, so Worthing is where I must go, I'm afraid! But honestly, old people who smell of wee sounds like my scene. ;) :lol: I might commute to Brighton for work though... We'll have to see when I get settled. ^_^
  4. Cheers coops! Thanks! And I'll be in Worthing... so we'll be next door neighbours looks like. ^_^
  5. I should update this because it's been over 2 years since my last update. Also, I really ought to change my name, too. I forgot I ever went by Silent Wind River (what was I thinking!? :lol: ) So... I should be finished uni... we'll get the results in soon so I can know for sure. But it's looking good. I'm moving to East Sussex in with my boyfriend in February. Am excited to be playing English. I like it there. I feel at home. Even though I stick out like a sore thumb when I say silly things like "cell phone" and "corn chips". We'll see how that all works out. After that major life changing event, as if that wasn't enough, we're getting married in June. Oy Vey Meyer! I usually think people who get married when they're 22 are crazy and way too young and will regret it for the rest of their lives... and here I am. Funny how that works out eh? But what can I say? It feels right. I've found a great love and that's all any of us can ever hope for... I'm a pretty cynical person, but I honestly can't find a reason to convince myself it's a bad choice. And I have the support of friends and family, which is lovely. I'm very calm about this all at the moment but I'm sure it's going to scare the sh** out of me as the major-life-changing dates move closer... Oh well. In the meantime I'm killing time in Canada being a "barista", or perhaps more accurately put, a "corporate tool" at my local Starbucks... which is actually rather fun. Nice staff, nice clientele. So I can't complain much. Let's see... what else is new... Hmmm... I saw Ponyo last night, and it totally lived up to all the hype. And Jasper Fforde is my favorite author. Cheers!
  6. is the kind of sexy they just don't sell at Adult Source

  7. MWAH! You rock Helen, as always! I've had a great Christmas and am flying to Bristol in 24 hours to meet a certain special someone! Tres exciting! Hope yours was great too.

  8. ... *doesn't turn around*....

  9. Where the heck ya been, bitchsmack?

  10. Awww, don't be afraid! You might attract more freaky narcissistic photographers who follow you all the way to an obscure fan-forum to let you know they took the photo! :) And Isn't that the greatest gift of all? I think so. ;)

  11. Nothing much is up, Janet! But thanks for thinking of me... I've just been away or no particularly good reason. It's very bad of me... So here I be! Hope life is good on that end.

  12. Gorgeous, dahling. Simply gorgeous. 8)

  13. Awww coops. Youuu so sweet to me. And looking mighty fine in that piccie. B) Hope you're well!

  14. Why thank ye kindly, good sir!

  15. She is a wise one, that MG!

  16. Just creeping about your page and wanted to leave a message. :) No big!

  17. *waves atcha!*

    Hiya chemode. :)

  18. Added back!

    And yes, it's meeeeeee! :D. I actually hadn't been on for a while either, so you're in good company!

  19. You're a f***ing good writer, Helen. I can't think of anything remotely useful to say, as usual. ^_^ But I do care. The interest is very exciting! If a bit complicated. Why not actually take out the list of groups, and go to one? Just to see? They're not the gospel and not everything they so goes. So if you don't find something you like... Then neh! There's other possibilities. Always are. Those things always actually sound kind of fun to me... But I'm a bit odd, I recognize. :lol: Good luck, darlin. Whatever happens.
  20. I'm still alive!!!

    I swear it!

  21. Awww *hugs* Hey nat. I'm fine thanks. :) Just not feeling like I have uch to add to the conversations these days. ;) How're you?

  22. You're a sweety, coops! Hope all is well!

  23. Hi coops! Sorry to dissappoint. It's not really any different from what you see in the profile picture there. It's just a lot shorter than it was. That's all! ;) Not very exciting, my hair.

  24. Hi nat!!!!! Life is good over here. No complaints. How about yourself?

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