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    Rouen, France
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    Music : Kate Bush, Richard Ashcroft,Depeche Mode and so many others ! But Kate stands out : she was the musical emotional shock of my teens. Other interests : astronomy, nature, travels, skiing, badminton, dreaming, books and films.

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  1. Happy birthday Mario ! Have a wonderful day ! Take care xxx

  2. Renaud

    Strange Phenomena

    Maybe one of the best of Iwona's drawings so far, bravo !
  3. Renaud


    ....or somewhere in between ? ^_^
  4. Renaud


    Tropical the island breeze All of nature wild and free This is where I long to be........
  5. Renaud


    Thanks for your Kate pics young man ! ;)
  6. I like that ! And Rebecca : walking in the snow is cool, have a try sweety !!!
  7. Renaud

    All We Ever Look For

    ....a great big hug !!!
  8. Renaud

    The Sensual World

    It's a great drawing Iwona but may I say that Kate looks a little too sad to me ? She does smile quite a lot in that video ! You're very talented anyway !
  9. Renaud

    Lady Raven herself

    Hmmmmm, que cache ce joli regard ??? ;)
  10. Renaud

    Kate - A Lioness at Heart

    Kate pics from the book of photographs by Gered Mankowitz included in the boxset.
  11. That's ok! I really hope you have a wonderful day! ;]

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