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    Rouen, France
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    Music : Kate Bush, Richard Ashcroft,Depeche Mode and so many others ! But Kate stands out : she was the musical emotional shock of my teens. Other interests : astronomy, nature, travels, skiing, badminton, dreaming, books and films.

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  1. Happy birthday Mario ! Have a wonderful day ! Take care xxx

  2. Renaud

    Strange Phenomena

    Maybe one of the best of Iwona's drawings so far, bravo !
  3. Renaud


    ....or somewhere in between ? ^_^
  4. Renaud


    Tropical the island breeze All of nature wild and free This is where I long to be........
  5. Renaud


    Thanks for your Kate pics young man ! ;)
  6. Renaud

    snow outside, me warm and cosy inside

    I like that ! And Rebecca : walking in the snow is cool, have a try sweety !!!
  7. Renaud

    Ducks from Bonn

    coin coin !!!
  8. Renaud

    All We Ever Look For

    ....a great big hug !!!
  9. Renaud

    December Will Be Magic Again II

    Well done Iwona !
  10. Renaud

    The Sensual World

    It's a great drawing Iwona but may I say that Kate looks a little too sad to me ? She does smile quite a lot in that video ! You're very talented anyway !
  11. Renaud

    Lady Raven herself

    Hmmmmm, que cache ce joli regard ??? ;)
  12. Renaud

    Kate - A Lioness at Heart

    Kate pics from the book of photographs by Gered Mankowitz included in the boxset.
  13. That's ok! I really hope you have a wonderful day! ;]