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  1. Yeah, where the hell are you?

  2. ...another one bites the dust :(

    Stay well Smog Pants....we shall overcome :)

  3. Hi hunny, Had a great birthday thanks chick! Hope you two are well. such a shame this place has gone to sh**, am still missing the old gang banter. xxx

  4. hey hunny bun, all the best xxx

  5. Those are pants? ..they seem kinda...organic 0-0

  6. What?! no pleasuring? you'll have to have very serious words with him MG, this very site is testament to what happens to people lacking pleasure in their lives!


  7. hey there.... you weren't trying to start a conversation in the TV thread were you?

    eeeeeh, gorraloveanoptimist xx

  8. Hiya Chick, Hope everything is groovy with you and Mr.Fog


  9. Hey! ... some of my words didn't post! >.<

    Have a fun weekend Cads, it's what it's all about!! xxx

  10. Hiya Chris, thanks for the note, Glad to see you're ok :) I had a bloody great weekend thanks! Life just couldn't be any better right now. Teddy is spending this weekend here wih me, we have a couple of clubs lined up. We were also going to a Grinderman gig on the Monday, but he has to get back to London so Tina is having his ticket. So another full, fun weekend for DN :D Have f...

  11. hey Caddywhacker, you ok? :D I'm away all this weekend, will catch up next week again

    xx take care of yourself xx

  12. OUCH! ..........mmmmmmm :D

  13. oh I'm off to 'Sparkle' next weekend for the weekend, it's a 3 day day event, I'm told it's like a cross between 'party in the park' and 'Gay pride' I'm made two new friends and they have invited me along :D

  14. Yeppers - loved it! was just really warming to the new guys and the series ended, damnit! hpe day keep up the traditional 'Secials' through the year. :) xxx

  15. I want to know why 2 elephants can't swim together! oooh I saw a loverly 5o's style swimsuit the other day, might treat myself :)

  16. Subtle? O-o f***! I'm obviously not trying hard enough, I wondered why they were still here :/

  17. how did you do that?... jut too many girls on the subway huh?


  18. ...a bit slow on that.

    Righto you two, I'm off to London for a few days of blissful pervery and abuse (of the fun kind) - hope your still around when I return. Take care guys *hugs*

    DN xx

  19. Nothing stays the same forever hon, I'm just glad that when I needed 'real' friends this place was heaving with 'real' people.It's just unfortunate that anyone in their right minds looking in will scream 'FREAKS!' and never be seen again lol! I'm joinging the Nick Cave forum - seems a better mix and am just waiting for the confirmation..they have been...

  20. It's all good hon, how about you?

  21. That's the deposit... on the deposit 0_*

  22. Is there a prize? *excited*!!! I'm due an electrocution ^^)

  23. Well if I did a big pooh for my friends entertainment (and I'm sure I will one of thse days) and some f***er came along and did a big pooh for profit, I'd be pretty p***ed off about it and probably would think my poo was much better than theirs!

    ...I'd be deluded of course 0_@

    Please buy my poo

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