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    If you find it, it's a wonderful life...
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    Fet nights, BDSM, stopping smoking, Kate, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, P.j.Harvey, staying employed to pay the mortgage, Nights out with friends, nights in with friends, Rum 'n' Cokes, KBF meets, and forum networking. ^^) LIFE!! :D

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  1. Yeah, where the hell are you?

  2. Have you been on a diet?

    Kind regards :-)

  3. You will be missed. Best part of the bloody forum for us you were...

  4. Oops, I meant "" (twice!). :humbledmoronemoticon:

  5. "such a shame this place has gone to sh**,"[i/]

    Indeed it is.

    "am still missing the old gang banter."[i/]

    As am I.

    :frownyfacesmelling somethingbadifthatexpressioncombinationisactuallyphysicallyPOSSIBLEmoticon:

  6. ...another one bites the dust :(

    Stay well Smog Pants....we shall overcome :)

  7. Hi hunny, Had a great birthday thanks chick! Hope you two are well. such a shame this place has gone to sh**, am still missing the old gang banter. xxx

  8. hey hunny bun, all the best xxx

  9. Happy belated B-day *hugs* Hope it was a good one :D

  10. Happy Birthday sweetie, hope your misbehaving somewhere


  11. Albeit clean shaven..... :embarrassed-but-oh-so-smOOth-emoticon:

  12. Those are pants? ..they seem kinda...organic 0-0

  13. Oi! Keep your hands out me pants, woman.....

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