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  1. I have officially resigned from my job, so the London trip is on hold for now, at least until I find another teaching position for the fall. :(
  2. Someone in the UK is listening to my radio station. :) I don't know if it's someone here, someone on another forum that I visit, or just a random someone, but it is very much appreciated. I recently became the #1 station in my primary genre. Thanks to everyone who is listening for putting me there! Dingo!
  3. I was depressed a few nights ago because several of you here and others from another forum have been putting together various meet ups that I cannot make. At first, I thought that it was a matter of both the time and the money. After surfing around the 'net and window shopping (which is what I usually do when depressed), I came to the conclusion that... ...it's only a matter of the time, not money. Yes, that's right - for the first time in my 38+ years on this earth, I am applying for a passport. I haven't booked anything yet, and there are still no guarantees, but I am looking at flying in on the morning of 9 October 2006 and returning home on the afternoon of 14 October. As the time gets closer and the trip is confirmed, I'll be posting more here. I'd like to meet up with as many of you as possible. Dingo!
  4. Probably because we deal with feelings, emotion, rather than brute force, macho crap, that sort of thing. (Spoken by a straight male who is confident in is manhood, respects the rights of others, and cries more in a week than most "men" do in a lifetime.)
  5. I just now saw the comment, Jayne. I had my blog settings wrong. It is now up.
  6. "Sunday In The Park With George?" - my favorite musical. Anything you do, Let it come from you. Then it will be new. Give us more to see...
  7. Just got off the phone with someone who is writing an article about competitive marching band in Kentucky high schools for a statewide magazine. We don't often get press for what we do with our kids: the opportunities to learn music, travel, perform, compete; not to mention the development of leadership skills and life lessons learned. The writer is a "band mom," so I know that we will get the right treatment. Looking forward to that coming out in September. Other than that, I'm working on some improvements to the radio station that I plan to implement over the course of the next few months. Dingo!
  8. Anyway, I am a music teacher for grades 6-12. I also teach three periods of Arts & Humanities to all of Grade 10. I am currently working on my Master of Arts in Education (Music Emphasis). Oh, almost forgot, I also compose music (heavily influenced by Philip Glass)... and no, I am not a spy! :lol: Dingo!
  9. I have promoted works by members of another forum in my live broadcasts. If you would like me to talk you up on my next live show, let me know! Sorry, at this time I cannot accept music (of all things!) because of the legal wrangling with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). Dingo!
  10. Listening to Mrs. B on my internet radio station. Oh, that's right... being a newbie, I haven't told you about myself. Anyway, I have an internet radio station at Live365. You can listen by going to my website at http://home.alltel.net/mrklarinet. I play lots of oldies, plus Kate Bush, Yes, Pink Floyd, and just about anything else. I have just recently started doing live broadcasts on an intermittent schedule. The next time I schedule one, I'll post it here. In the meantime, you can visit the link above to get to my regular playlist broadcast. Dingo!
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