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    Kate (duh !)<br />Depeche Mode (any eighties synth band for that matter!)<br />Liverpool FC<br />Reading (Roman history, auto / biographies, horror / comedy fantasy)<br />Scuba diving

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  1. Was it something I said?

  2. Is alive AND Kicking..............

  3. really really really really big big big big hugs !!!!! :-)

  4. Awww Iwona you are so sweet...I wanna give you a big....hug !!! x

  5. Thanks but I don't go untill 16th !!! xxx

  6. Thats the one about the gardener whose wife is kidnapped isn't it? I just finished after dark.....did you read the Frankenstein books koontsz wrote?

  7. me too...i finished a Dean Koontz book in bed last night!

  8. She's a babe !!!

  9. I love horror and scary movies !!

  10. Who's the deadite chick? ...... hang on.... I know you said Goth - but that's f***ing' ridiculous!

    :P xxx

  11. Cool, can't wait :)


  12. I'll post a pic on the gallery when its all finished ...... xxx

  13. Hope you post a pic of it sometime, I'd love to see it completed.


  14. Gets finished in two weeks time. Had the drawings all done just gotta go through the pain now !!! xxxx

  15. Meant to ask, hows the new tat?


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