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  1. hiya Simon thought I'd let you know that Cathy's been back and posted! Jxxx

  2. Happy birthday sweetie, hope you are having a good one!!!! XXX

  3. Sorry I missed your birthady hunny, gawd bless ya! take it easy sweetheart and most of all...have lots of fun!!!! JanetXXX

  4. hi mate. nice to read your blog! hows life? Asia is a lot of fun and you should visit some day. and its WARM!


  5. spyk_

    A Poem

    So I ended up writing a poem today. I just kind of sat down and it all came out. I was a bit angry about Global Warming at the time, and that's what its about. It was going to be a song lyric but I think it works much better as a poem. I can't decide whether it's really good or really bad. Maybe both (?). Anways I shall post it here and if you could write feedback i'd be grateful. It doesn't have a name, so here we go: Little beaver make your damn Don’t come knocking when the rains come in I’ll hold my hand up over my head Your voodoo is safe from me here Lock my door and ram the rusty key Sit by the fire roasting marshmallows The beaver runs and comes-a-knocking On my door, I bar it shut “Leave me out here in the pouring rain” Said the beaver through my latch Sun is getting hot, hotter, and hottest God! I can’t even breathe. No layers We have no layers here. We are safe from the Moonmen Safe from the feel of sticks Safe from the tide’s low seven Safe from the wind through the trees Safe from the beaver and the donkey Safe from my lion and it’s tiger Little beaver make your damn So I may watch it grow, take a photo But don’t come crying to me… …When the rains stop running. So anyways thanks for reading. Hope you are all well :)
  6. spyk_

    The Odyssey

    Thanks Venus! :) A levels are much harder, but ulimatley more important. Hopefully they'll be fun!
  7. spyk_

    The Odyssey

    Thanks Bernie! It's all so fun. If college is boring then I'll be absoultey gutted. But I'll have to MAKE it exicting won't I. Thanks Sarah. It's nice to be out of school and have the freedom to do whatever I like. These past few months I've been using that freedom to sit in the garden listening to Aerial. Time well spent, if you ask me.
  8. spyk_

    The Odyssey

    So incase any of you have wondered where I've been for the past two weeks, I've been away rehersing for Hampshire Youth Theatre's production of Homer's 'The Odyssesy'. It was a residential project and the rehersals were 12 hours a day so now I'm knackered. It's not over yet though! Still got production week to get through. We're performing from 7-9 of September. Should be great! After that, I begin college on monday 11th. How exciting!!! I'm going to be a full-time student. I'm going to H&M next week to buy lots and lots of scarfs. Should be great. Ooooh, got my GCSE results last week. Got 5 A's, 4 B's and a D. The D was a dissapointment, but the B in music was a suprise (I was on a D before taking the exam). So yeah that's all good. Life is sweet at the moment. As sweet as eating honey convered toast whilst listening to 'Aerial'. Now that's a metaphore.
  9. spyk_

    The Circle Opens

    I've been out since I was 13. That's 3 years. There are four seasons in each year. 3x4=12. 12 seasons is pleanty enough for me :P
  10. spyk_

    The Circle Opens

    Haha! Yes Sarah I think I probably will do that x Thanks for the advice Bernie, I ended up getting an account...only to have it deleted for some unknown reason. They probably took one look at my picture and saw I was waaaay under 18. Oh well never mind, Myspace is a thousand times better!
  11. spyk_

    The Circle Opens

    I thought I'd experiment with Comic Sans in this blog. Comic Sans MS is the way forward in our society. It really really is the greatest font. Anyways, enough about that...issue...let's move on to more pressing topics. So...more conflict in the Middle East. That place is getting pretty screwed up if you ask me. I think we (the West) should stay out of it. It's only gonna end badly. VERY badly. So...well I'm still on my summer holiday. Not much happened today. I'm making good progress with my book (The Stand by Stephen King), so that's all good. Nearing the end of my annual Buffython. Only 9 episodes left! It's been soooo hot down here in Southampton, I can't even be bothered to move. The thing is, I REALLY want to go to town, but its too hot to shop or even walk around...I'm gonna have to wait. *sobs* 'Big Brother' is absolutly poo at the moment. It's on at the moment behind me but I'm not even watching it. BRING NIKKI BACK!!!!! AHHHH I feel like I should write a poem or something...maybe I will on another blog. Who knows? God I'm crazy like that. Oh, guys you have to help me out. Should I get a gaydar account? As a seasoned homosexual I feel I should, but I don't know if theres any point. Do any of you gays have one? If you do, would you recommend it? Oh, job prospects!! I'm totally going for a job at my local Co-op (part time, of course). My mum picked up an application form today. How exicting!!! It's a tiny little shop so might get a bit boring, but should be good (as long as I'm getting paid, I don't care what I have to do). I can't think of anything else to write, and I don't want to start babbling. I'll write a poem or think of something intellectual to say in my next blog. Rock on guys Love you all xxx
  12. spyk_

    First Entrance

    Well, I'm applying for jobs at the local shops down the road from me. If I find no luck there, then I'll probably go for a shop at one of the shops in the middle of Southampton, even though I'd have to pay for bus fare in and out everyday I'm planning on having the job over my time at college, just to bring some extra money in. In September, I'm starting at Peter Symonds college in Winchester. Very good college, very nice city. The drummer from Coldplay used to go there, apparantly
  13. spyk_

    First Entrance

    Well well well. I am no longer a blog virgin. It is currently 13:41 GMT London Time, the sun is shining, it's baking hot and I only just got up 20 minutes ago :D . My dad went down to the Bakers and got me a sausage roll for lunch, now I have an extream headache from all that fat, and I think i'm going to barf. Today's plans are: 1. Read three chapters of my current book in the garden 2. Read the script I was given for an upcoming play 3. Listen to 'Aerial' again 4. Tidy my room 5. Put my DVD's back into the correct order 6. Type up my CV for job applications 7. Have the usual mid-afternoon tea festival 8. E-mail friend about Thursdays trip to Paultons Park 9. Go to bed by 1a.m Not a very interesting day today unfortunatly, I'm just gonna take it slow. I have absolutly nothing planed for the next seven weeks, I'm just gonna take it as it comes. Yippee! I know this a lame blog but I haven't really got anything interesting to write as of late, will do soon though. Everyone else's blogs look really cool. I envy each and every one of you. Anyways, T.T.F.N. Simon x
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