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    Kate,drawing, walks in the country....that's it really...except red wine :) yum yum

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  1. Hallo darling, how are you? Been bloody ages. I'm well (ish!!) and have a lovely new beau up in Brdaford of all places. Hope you are enjoying DC and hopefully will catch you on here for a catch up. Mikey xx

    PS you'll be glad to know the blonde hair has gone, but the waistline has increased incredibly....!

  2. when in deep water...dive...

  3. you and MG on facebook? Xx

  4. Maybe we can spar again somewhere. It was always fun...

  5. Breadknives at breakfast, tenas at teatime, dentures at dusk!!!!lol

    btw re above photo, do you have a daily recycling collection? :>P x

  6. More like SHARPENED GARDEN HOES at teatime..... :warfaceemoticon:

  7. 'ding ding' pegs at dawn it is then laddy! :>x

  8. Mah Grannie can beat up yourn! :P

  9. Oooooh I know that one!!! YA GRANNY!!!!! hahaha one of my faves lol *ahem* Xxx

  10. "Anyway *breath in* what's wrinkley and hangs out ya pants? :>Px"

    A two-door grape? :unsure:

  11. because they only have one pair of trunks *blushes*....hold up I've got jasmine's book of jokes here, wait a mo!....oh.... you've gone :>|

  12. I want to know why 2 elephants can't swim together! oooh I saw a loverly 5o's style swimsuit the other day, might treat myself :)

  13. Wait, I've got it now: "Because he can"! :P

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