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  1. has been absent for a long while... Now he finds himself back, among the moderators... How very strange!...

  2. Curious, but without regret.

  3. Thoroughly ignored as per your request (Well, the FIRST one, anyway, as the second was rather persistent in its popping up at me.). Never been mistaken for an Englishman before.....

  4. No worries Anders, hope things are going well for you


  5. Hey Martin, hope all is fine with you :) I hope to go to Britain in a year or so, and I'll stop by Brighton and buy you a few beers :) I haven't forgotten you know... But my economy- and memory-curves don't seem to coincide...

  6. Oops, don't check my profile comments too often... :P a happy new year to you too! :)

  7. Happy new Year, swet Anders :)) XX

  8. Oops, sorry Iwona, didn't see your greeting until now... Merry Christmas! :)

  9. There are two links under the words "Under Konstruktion!"

    The first text is a link to the Swedish portfolio, and the second text, "Click here to download my portfolio..." is a link to my English version! You click on that link, and you get to a PDF with my stuff.

  10. Hi Iwona,

    did you miss out on the posts I did a couple of weeks ago? I also enclosed the link to my portfolio: http://www.thyr.at. Here, you can download a Swedish and an English version of my current portfolio. /Anders

  11. Hey Iwona, sorry for my late reaction... Yes my new diet seems to work nicely... :) Feeling considerably more alert nowadays... Hope you are fine!

  12. And you have a good weekend as well, Iwona :) I will probably listen to some Tara during the weekend ;) Tonight, maybe, I will go see Dieselkopf at a club in town... It's a local band, and Pierre, an acquaintance, plays in the band.

  13. And a sunny greeting back to you, Iwona :) It's been sunny today, beautiful weather - but only one short bike ride down to the park ;) It's still wintery freezing, cold ice winds. No real summer yet.

  14. And a big hug back to you, Iwona... No, no bike ride yet so far, but one lovely walk in the park with a dear friend today...

  15. I work as an illustrator and artist, among other things... :)

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