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  1. Good wishes to and for you


  2. Hello DarkleyNoon, thank you for your comment. I hope all is well with you.


  3. Hi Sarah hunny, hope Christmas was a blast and you are more than all right *hugs* from DN xx

  4. Great! I think the dancing in the kitchen would be a good place to start Sarah!


  5. The sun is shining down here and Im dancing in my kitchen on my own, wish you was here, we could look for the will togetherX

  6. sqpeg

    Solution ~ Of A Sort

    read it twice, none the wiser, but Thank you anyway!
  7. sqpeg


    Primeval going back to your roots life hits hard the true voice to say I hurt x
  8. Hi Sarah, hope your well babe :)


  9. Hello Tellurium Well done with completing Uni and congratulations with the love. Not many places in Britain feel that great in February! I have been to Brighton once, it was ok, I did go to... forgot where but somewhere down there, where Virgina lives...oh it's gone! Safe journey :) Sarahx
  10. Hello DarklyNoon

    I just read about your backache, I hope by now,you are better; misserible being in pain like that. Take care. Sarah x

  11. Gosh Jayne. I agree with Firagusmna very thought provoking piece of writing! I'm going to think about this piece all this week on my way to and from work. And see what moments happen in between. :)
  12. Jayne, I just whitnessed a beautiful moment, I came into Blog and your name was at the top.
  13. Hi Jayne This is powerful writing,intense sensibility. Kinda scary for a moment, nearly fell in Sarahx
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