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    I Love music, Kate Bush is my sanity, my greatest admiration is for her, I also like all sorts of celtic music, I play piano, Fretless bass, button accordion, and love programming my Ensoniq keyboard! have just taken up the Cello, and adore it, , I love GOOD magic and "Love" itself, I love other Kate bush "people" and love others to be happy in this world!! ......love this forum my dream is to share my music and be able to make others feel joy hearing it as i do creating it, for music is the most wonderful, and valuable expression of being alive!!

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  1. HAppy BiRthDay Monkey one... mwaaaahhhhh !! XOXO

  2. Lissa

    Happy Birthday, for Sunday wonderful Matt!

    This little Earth keeps turning and we are forever learning... hope you had a fine day.. XOXO

  3. Thanks for remembering my Birthday, which is likely a little more than either the wife or I can do after having spent a night overindulging in some of your nation's TASTY GRAPE-BASED EXPORTS.....

  4. Happy Birthday !!!!! TMF , wishing you a good one, all the love xoxo

  5. is firmly believing in miracles...!

  6. awww thank you Lissa, what a wonderful thing to say! You really are a lovely spirit :>) all the best for this year sweetie XXXX

  7. Happy birthday beautiful girl.. ! your precious to this beautiful world

    Hugs XOXOX

  8. I here, Honey :)) XX

  9. Kinda missing you here Honey... hope you come by soon..


  10. heey!!

    have a merry xmas Lissa :D

  11. Hey Lissa xxx

  12. hiya Sweet sending you a hug mwaaaaa


  13. Lovely to see you posting again sweetie


  14. Good to see you around sweetie, all the best for the Dolphin awards


  15. Kaja

    Merry Christmas I wish you and Happy New Year.


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