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    On a tous besoin d'un ange d'un baiser chaud dans le cou
  • Birthday 08/01/1961

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    south of France
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    cinema. books. Literature of XIX century . Calligraphy.<br />having good moments with friends around a meal and a drink. Travelling. sharing moments with my husband and my children. Jogging with friends in the morning. Speaking a foreign language.Listening to Kate's music.
  1. Hey sweetie, all the best to you and your family this Chrsitmas and wishing you all a great 2009 XXXXX

  2. Happy Birthday Chick! Hope you are having a terrific day!

    Love from Helen xxx

  3. Happy birthday sweetie!!! I hope you are enjoying your special day :>) XXXX

  4. Happy Birthday - bon anniversaire, chère Fédérique!!!

    Tu me, nous manques!!!


  5. Hi hun just touching base with you....hope you and yours are fine, much loveXXX

  6. Just saying hello again. No need to respond if you are busy just to let you know I'm thinking of you :>) xxx

  7. Just stopping by to say 'hello' :>) I hope all is well with you and your family XXX

  8. salut, Fred - t'es ou les 26-27 juillet prochain???

    serai probablement a Oxford!!! YAY!!!

    n xxxx

  9. hmmmm, no - yay! cold but happy!!!

    merci pour la chaleur humaine, ;-)))

    noel fut chaud!!!

    n xxxx

  10. bonsoir Nat,

    merci pour tes voeux que je te retourne à toi et à tous ceux que tu aimes.je t'imagine près d'un feu de yak sous ta yourte! non? je me trompe de pays? en tous cas bien couverte et entourée de beaucoup de chaleur humaine. Take care Frédérique

  11. Bonne et heureuse annee, chere Fred!!!

    tous mes, nos meilleurs voeux pour 2008!!!

    hope you had as a fab time as we've had here!

    *big nordic hugs*

    n xxxx

  12. Room With A View is actually the last movie I saw in a Theater.....

  13. You were right about 'Perfume' Frederique, most disppointing!

    Hope to see you around again soon.

    DB xx

  14. Bonjour, merci pour ton petit mot pour mon anniversaire. J'ai passé en effet une superbe journée.


  15. Joyeux anniversaire, Frédérique - hope you had a lovely day ;-)))

    nat xx

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