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  1. Hiya, welcome Ruth! :)

  2. Hi Nat! Lovely to speak to you, you are so highly thought of here, hope you get to meet us all one day xx

  3. We do have a password retrieval facility you know!

    Anyway, welcome back - this is a local forum, for local people...

  4. matt

    Hey Janet, we are missing you, hope you are OK, its kind of quiet round her without you buzzing about.

  5. matt


    Hi, the reason for me starting this forum is this: I wanted a place where I, and other decent Kate fans – can provide a proper Kate Bush forum where genuine fans of Kate can get together in a safe environment to swap ideas and just generally hang-out. We aim to maintain the highest standards possible with the help of you our members. Anyway, a little about me: I first heard Kate on The Great Eastern Express, a progressive rock show on a local ILR radio station in Liverpool UK. The DJ was Phil Eastern, and if you are reading this Phil, thanx, a BIG thanx! The song was of course Wuthering Heights, a few weeks before release. I was stunned, absolutely fantastic – what on earth was it? April 3rd 1979 saw me at the Liverpool Empire for the first of the gigs on The Tour of Life – absolutely mind-blowing – not just the show – to date by far the best I’ve ever been to – and I’ve been to a lot. But also the atmosphere of the crowd – so much love - a magik moment that I will treasure for ever. I was hooked. In the years between then and now my life has taken many twists and turns, but so many of the interests that I have now are born in the work of this singularly gifted lady. Most of my very dearest friends have been Kate people, there is specialness about folk who have been touched by this woman’s work, - and they are like no other. So here we are, and I am admining (is that a word?) a Kate Bush fan site and forum, why? Because I’ve been lead here, and so have you… Welcome :D Matt
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