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  1. Stop trying to chat up the IPB techs Darkly! They don't get the mails - they bounce back to me.

  2. is liking what Mike has been doing with the forum, esp the new look. :o)

  3. Hi Semolina, thanks for your imput here - you have become quite a regular.


  4. Happy Birthday Lovehpund! :o)

  5. matt

    Ah, your away then? That explains it.

  6. Hey, another Tori Fan? Cool!

  7. Hey Curley, missed you - have a great birthday! :0)

  8. matt

    Hi Nancy! :) Welcome, look forward to perhaps reading your introduction in the Potted Member's Biogs forum.

  9. Happy Birthday, haven't seen you around posting for a while!

  10. Happy Birthday Zip! :)

  11. Woof! to you too! :)

  12. Hiya, welcome Ruth! :)

  13. Hi Nat! Lovely to speak to you, you are so highly thought of here, hope you get to meet us all one day xx

  14. We do have a password retrieval facility you know!

    Anyway, welcome back - this is a local forum, for local people...

  15. matt

    Hey Janet, we are missing you, hope you are OK, its kind of quiet round her without you buzzing about.

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