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  2. Alan, are you alright? I hope you are not feeling unhappy about Kates clarification, as you may or may not be aware we try and avoid political discussion on the forum because it can get heated. However today was a bit different because it was Kate herself who brought the subject up. 

    Whatevers going on for you right now I want you to know we value your contribution to the forum, And look forward to seeing you return one day soon. 

  3. Indeed! It's an old image. I rarely use the image gallery.
  4. Iwona


    Are you a happy owner of A Lioness At Heart? Congratulations!
  5. 22dates


    It looks really impressive BbB!
  6. Iwona


    Thank you, Brad!
  7. Bradleybox


    I must dip into this gallery of yours more often, Iwona! Another superb drawing of Kate. You are very talented.
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