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My Hammersmith Odeon Cover

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A little more from me, this time about the Hammersmith cover.

This is one of the first of Kate's photos I ever saw. The title, Live at Hammersmith Odeon, intrigued me even before I knew what the performance was like - that must have been around 1986. Then in 1991, I think, I got the video and was awed by the stunning originality of the show. Doing this picture now is my tribute to what must have been an amazing experience for all those lucky (and old!) enough to be there.

Again, I'm reasonably satisfied with it, I believe it has a lot of 'Kateness' in it without being a photographic copy. Anyway, the photo I used was a 200% version of a scan from the tape, which means many details were suggested rather than seen. But I think in the end it achieves the right impression.

This one proved easier than I had anticipated and more or less came out right first time. The jacket was a bit of a trouble as I had never done a black outfit before. I decided the best way to go about it probably was to give it all a uniform black shade, then use an eraser to bring out the highlights and darken the rest. That's what I did and it was straightforward enough.

It is difficult for me to get a decent photo to post because, first, some angles of view tend to distort proportion (but I don't know which, so it's very much hit-and-miss), and second, it is impossible to get the whole image in focus, although it is all on one plane. That's a shame really, as there is a lot of detail that ultimately gets lost. I focus on the face each time which unfortunately means that the feet will always be blurred, and there's good detail in the shoes, and the hands, too. I took about 20 pics to get a decent one to post, and even that one is half-decent.

There was some physical discomfort with this one as well: I always fix the paper on a plywood board with clips and do most of the work sitting by a window. The height of this one, though, meant that when doing the top half I could not reach that far out whilst sitting, and had to put the board on a table and lean on it or kneel on the chair and bend over. Try doing that for ten hours as I did last Sunday and you are guaranteed to need an osteopath, as I felt I did. But it was all for Kate, so that's not so bad.

I don't have any plans for a new project right now. Unless, of course, I happen to come across the right (Kate) picture…

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