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Cant Help But Love...

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Music.... My oxygen! no music,.. then I can't breathe...

My two Sons.... Sebastian and Nicky... they are my gardian angels!

Kate Bush... My Guide, My therapy, !

Red wines..... and we have some of the best in the world!!

Chocolate.. anything

Romance ... there is never enough around these days

Horseriding.... bareback and barefoot, accross the top of a mountain on a big black Andalusion

wattle trees..... they look gorgeous and smell so living!

The colour Blue..... softness, strength, language, and soothing everlasting Love... thats what Blue is to me!

Clock's ...... beautiful timber and working mechanisms, how soothing to hear them ticking away when there are 10 different clocks of varied kinds, small mantle clocks, to swinging Vienna's, to wall clocks....... thier different rythms of ticking create a sound like 'water' its 'magic'

playing my piano..... purely my own world!

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Music - your oxygen, our raison d'etre.

Nicky & Seb - your flesh & blood, precious.

Kate Bush - our guiding light ;-)))

Red Wines - yep, won't disagree with you on that one... ^_^ nice Aussie gems [and sod the arrogance of the French... winemakers!!! :o :lol: ]

Chocolate - Lindor? [dark]

Romance - associated with the sunset... [but yay, our world so galvanised by greed...]

Horse riding - you're a natural linguist :P ... They all listen, whatever size.

wattle trees - i dunna ken dat yet...

The colour blue - to me, associated with orange... light, vocal, talking sky, singing ocean... passion-reason!

clocks - time measurers... unstoppable, mechanical tic of the toc... soothing, man's way to keep track of his life... earthly rhythm from out of space.

Your piano - you are the piano. the extension of your whole soul.


now, are you gonna eat that? LOL!


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