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Thank You For Your Wishes!

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Aerial Tal


THANK YOU so much for your very kind messages! :)

Everything's okay here, have just been very busy with a few things, work [exam prelim season...], writing/editing/photography... G2G... world Poets & Writers Registry, RedBubble, FB...

I just wish i could stay awake 24 hours a day, lolll!

Hmmm, am currently co-writing a chapbook with a Canadian Poet that should be published later on this year;

that takes time, a lot of time ^_^ ... My co-author is based in Moncton, New Brunswick and we are celebrating our Atlantic connection :) . It's very exciting!!! So things are moving forward a bit :)

Also am getting ready for my first two readings this year at local level, Jen's this coming weds. night and Gordon's and James [Robertson, the man behind Gideon Mac] on fri. 20th feb...

meanwhile Dave and Lissa have been playing quite a lot in the garden... well, more than peerie I and new flowers are gradually emerging!

Octavia's Dream has been flying to Vancouver lately as a mp3 file for a radio show....

Although have been spending less time on the forum, have been playing Kate really loud around the hut [LOL!] / on my headphones /iPod on my way to school and back!!! ... and i just hope you're all keeping warm in this boreal deep freezer!!! ^_^

Kate's music keeps us this way ;)

so are the news from 60N! :)

all the love, always :wub: :group_hug:

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Congratulations Nat on all your wonderful exciting ventures! you make me feel like such a lazy cow! lol!

Nice to see you on the KBF hon xxxx :hug:

DN xx

Thank you very kindly, sweet DN :) ))


Although i love to share with you all on the Forum, i also need to create time for all those peerie adventures and both spheres of space are very important :)

I really am grateful to your kindness every time we gather as kate friends!

LOVE AND LIGHT TO YOU, sweet Helen!!! :hug:


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Nice one Nat, glad things are going well. Good luck with the readings.


Oh, thank you for your very kind words, sweet Martin :) :hug:

And i truly hope life has been good to you too!!! :P

Well, tonight's one has been cancelled from my part since snow and icy conditions remain too treacherous to my taste... [no snow tyres... d'oh!] A thaw is due for this weekend... Very frustrated although am not prepared to to take unnecessary risks... So Jen will find me next Friday :) )


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Wow you are a busy bee, all sounds fun & exciting too.

Take care

Mich xx

Aye, been very busy lately, sweet Michelle!!! ^_^

And i hope you have been keeping well and busy too!!!

All those projects are so close to my heart!


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Glad Your Well And Busy , Nat And Dave ..

Great News About The Co-Author In Moncton Nat ,

Stay Warm Friends, Springs Coming Our Way ! Chris . :hug:

THank you so kindly, sweet Chris!!! :) :hug:

Such fun adventures scattered around oceans, lolll! :)

it's MAGIC!!!

Take great care of yourself too, xoxoxoxoxo

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