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Post Kbf Gathering Thoughts...

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Aerial Tal


Okay, have been playing [though not intentionally] kinda invisible and am not looking for excuses to justify it... After all, they don't work.

Back to 60N life... mini- [though fab'!] adventures... contemplative moments on my hilltop... I really love Mossy Hill!!! :cheerleader:

... it gives me that sense of serenity & solace my heart needs so often... stepping out...

The beauty of the Garden - this sanctuary that keeps us creating, safe and happy; your beauty in Kate's world :)

This world is our oyster!!!

So, :group_hug: to you all!!!


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Ow Nat :wub:

oh, sweet Coops! :wub::blush: you must all think i'm a monster...

I just have had such a frantic month of August and nothing's stopping, ggrrrrrr!!!

back in my "educational dungeon" [...bye-bye guiding and alarm-free life...] - though happy to be back with my pupils ;) and it's all going ... mental, lolll!

Book Fest in early september... shetland open [art exhibition]... writing project [now lurking at publishers...]

I LOVE YOU ALL, GUYS!!! ...I just wish i could pack an eternity in a single day... :imnotworthy: :group_hug:

but i intend to have fun with you all this evening! [unless something crops up!]



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