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Dunno Really

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This weekend has been a bad one but that's no different to all the rest (apart from Oxford of course).

I'm trying to figure out what it will take for me to make me happy. Is it actually going to be possible for me to be happy on my own? I mean ... sure I could fill my time with 'stuff' ... I've already tried filling my house with 'stuff' but it doesn't mean sh** with no one to share it with.

So OK - I should try to fill my time with 'stuff' :huh: that seems to be every ones advice on the subject .... "get out the house" " join a club" " start a hobby" .....ect..ect

This all sounds like perfectly good advice to me. But something is stopping me and until I can figure out what that something is I'm kinda f***ed <_<

Some days, getting out of the house might as well be a trip to the moon, it's just not happening. I can just about make it to the corner shop (3 minute walk if that) but today so far I've not managed even that.

I'm not sure what it is out there that scares me, I try not to think about it mostly - but today ................ well today I have to think about it, becos today I totally realized this really, really can't go on. This ain't living. And one way or another it has to stop.

I feel a whole lot lighter with this thought.


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Helen, Hun -

Bless, I was very touched by your post.

Sometimes this world out there can be daunting... I understand your viewpoints and feel for you :hug:

Yes, our Gathering was a heck of a magic moment and i was so happy to decided to go for it - well done, lass!!!

And you right - living is sharing :) ...sharing a moment, interacting with the people you feel happy to connect with.

Now you know yourself - what you like and your many talents must be brought to the light!!!

...Jeez, we not a bunch of mushrooms, lolll! ...Jokes apart, take it one step at a time. Timidity can be a big barrier, however, your many qualities can override it :) - You have a fantastic smile and sense of humour :) ...You have, Girl! :clap::imnotworthy:

...I too am shy deep inside but i use my "monkey" behaviour to run up that hill!!! :hiding-isitsafe:

You have just accomplished a giant step forward by saying "today I totally realized this really, really can't go on. This ain't living." Bravo!!! That's a very important foot forward!!!

Go and let fly!!! xxxxx

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Hey Sweetie

Sounds like you've turned a corner DN. sometimes we can get caught up in this downward spiral of negativity and it then becomes increasingly harder to pull ourselves out of it. Once you do start taking positive action however I'm sure you'll start to feel more positive inside and then you just need to continue to build on that. I would also say that as much as you think you need someone your happiness doesn't depend on it, honestly sweetie.

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Aw DN..just got to say i agree with the lovely words both Coops & Nat have to say and I can't really add anymore to that.


Michelle xx

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